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Welcome to Ms Tara’s Expect Success Anywhere School!

My Motto

“If you can show it, you know it,” is my motto.  When you can apply the practice in a real-life situation, you are certain of the material whether the subject is language or science, music or math. Experiential Learning is learning by experience or by doing educational activities.

So Let’s Get Into Action!

What is Expect Success Anywhere School?

Expect Success provides evidence-based tools for all students and addresses the high incidence of students who learn through multi-sensory activities including movement methods (for kinesthetic and tactile learners) and visual methods (for visual learners) – in other words ACTION.


Many of our projects are involved in the Arts such as music, and theater, as well as scientific exploration, experiment and experience.




The need for multi sensory activities including movement, challenging, real-life projects  is common with for all students and especially for students who are gifted or who have been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities or those on the Autism Spectrum. Engaging real life for students who are learning English for the first time, is a great way to learn. Constant challenges with real-life problems that students learn how to solve by applying the academic information, is the answer to keeping them engaged.

EVERY student will benefit from kinesthetic and visual learning or hands-on multi-sensory activity. Universally Designed Lessons with these elements make learning a lot more fun for everyone.