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Sweetwheat, natural supplements, market research, planning, design Bionorica, herbal medicines, research, planning, writing Pacific Architectural Millworks, architectural doors u0026amp; windows, research, planning, design California Food Safety, food safety training: research u0026amp; planning Masterserv: plumbing and copper repipe: research, planning, written materials Infinite Aloe, face and body lotions: research, planning, writing The LATEST Magazine: research, planning, writing, editing, sales (owner) iGOZEN, Simply Clean, micro fine odorless organic cleaner

Miss Oops, beauty products: research and planning Walls u0026amp; Walls, hotel painting Myotech dental u0026amp; medical services Intimore feminine washes Whittaker Wellness Institute  The Association Film, TV, New Media American Pistachio Nuts 

Expect Success Media Case Studies

Market surveys, market research data collection, consumer analysis, competitor analysis, and more to create a effective marketing plans and successful public relations strategies. Spot on Copywriting that  results in leads and sales!

Problem Lack of abundant leads in advertising.

Solution  First, we did market surveys on existing clientele (consumer analysis) to discover the unique selling proposition for this product as well as the target audience’s needs so they would respond to advertising and social media. We then developed promotion (video) and sales arguments and Copywriting materials following a marketing strategy u0026amp; an effective marketing plan that resulted in abundant (overwhelming) leads.  Served as scriptwriting  assistant and liaison to ensure the message would be effective with the target audience. And that is how we roll 🙂

Problem Company had no identity, no brand. It is a new service, so the brand had to be memorable and generate sales.

Solution  We completed market research data collection research (including competitive analysis) and in-depth market surveys on the employers who will buy the service for their employees. We created a unique identity for this service (brand) and unique selling proposition that put it in the level of esteem in the minds of the employers who would buy the service for their employees. We traced the potential promotional channels and generated the promotion including Copywriting and Design for the points of contact by the potential/target audience. We devised the promotion for the product delivery including each point of contact so as to create a complete, well-understood delivery scene that results in satisfied customers who then promote the product to qualified company executives. This also clearly identified how to set up mailing lists, what to say in promotion, etc. After the marketing strategy was approved, the Copywriting was done for the website, Direct mail and email campaigns, magazine ads and google ads.  The plan was then turned over to the in-house marketing executive who has been following this process since resulting in an expanding company with a firm marketing ground. And that is how we roll. ;-)

Problem Clients overwhelmed by competition.

Solution   Market surveys  discovered the unique selling proposition and essence of the brand popularity that could be promoted to existing and new potential customers. This new image clearly distinguished them from the competition as a better quality product . We developed sales arguments based on the market survey results, created ads and developed a social media campaign resulted in more than half a million impressions of the brand name weekly which immediately popularized the brand name. We developed, through social media, the means to allow the existing customers to promote their testimonials with the product and an incentive and referral program for doing so as well as public relations through social media engagement. We worked with the Creative Team to package new products to existing customers. We provided an updated, upgraded sales patter based on what has been successful in the past. All of this resulted in popularizing the brand name online and in the competitive marketplace (in stores and sales events). />

Problem New product introduced in the U.S. market that had not been successful in sales despite several different websites promoting it.

Solution  We developed a purpose and brand image for the product based on the target audience needs after market research. We did market surveyed these ideas, plans and promotion and sales arguments on potential buyers and developed a long-term public relations strategy and marketing plan that would move the target audience through a complete sales channel resulting in a sale. We also developed the product itself including a new name, packaging, descriptions in the website and videos so that it would be appealing to the target audience. (In the course of this we discovered the previous product name and packaging was creating ill will, so it was completely changed and repackaged with a new brand.) We generated keywords and used these in the website and social media to develop popularity. We tested the product itself to make sure it would be appealing, making any necessary changes to make it easy to get, easy to use and easy to buy including all pricing, packaging and delivery aspects. We discovered niche audiences and devised promotion to reach them. As a result the product is having a successful release with popularity being generated on social media PR and increasing sales! And that is how we roll. ;-) />

Problem Company has sales problems due to their primary line of leads being cut off.

Solution Based on market surveys and research data collection results and consumer analysis, we discovered the geographical areas where this product is needed and provided this information to the company who created an effective marketing plan based on this. Also, we provided sales pitch for the salesmen based on the survey results, print and radio ads for the service based on the survey results, guidance (based on research and survey results) for website u0026amp; video production. The company was able to develop new lines of incoming leads as a result. />

Problem Client had bad reviews on the web.

Solution Contacted the source of poor reviews, resolved the situation and caused a reposting of a positive review. We did a simple competitor analysis and consumer analysis and updated website content using keywords (SEO) and managed placement of directory listings, social media profiles and unique presence. These actions resulted in not only the bad reviews being overcome but a higher, positive listing in search engines as well as better image and popularity. Then we trained the company executives and in-house marketing people to manage social media and website to maintain higher ranking />

Problem The company wanted to deliver a new service to existing customers.

How we solved it We interviewed past customers (market surveys) in detail to discover what they value most in their lives through the relationship to this company’s brand. We used the outstanding benefits to formulate packaging promotion and sales arguments to enlighten the existing customers on the new service. We identified the incentive for these existing customers to enlighten their friends about it through word-of-mouth. These recommendations were used to devise and execute a successful marketing plan and public relations strategy. />

Problem The company needed a new design for a new line of products.

How we solved it We developed a complete public relations strategy and effective marketing campaign by researching to find the most successful actions in promoting this type of product. We reviewed and discovered how to reach the niche audience or audiences for the product through social media, print and direct advertising We completed in-depth surveys of past purchasers to discover what benefits they have received and what distinguishes each niche in terms of needs and desires. Based on the survey results, we laid out the key selling points for the product and then, reflecting all of this information, we developed slogans based on the survey responses to make the brand more memorable to existing and future consumers. Then we worked with the marketing agency to release a new product packaging design and updated website. We worked with the in-house designer creating compelling copy in promotion and SEO rich copy on the website based on the results of the surveys. With the release, we created a referral system that would forever be with this company to help them increase their word-of-mouth sales. Then we developed a 5 year plan of actions (marketing plan) to take to be sure sales would continue. We worked with company executives to implement these points into the in-house marketing Department. And that is how we roll! 😉 />

Problem Company is looking to “sell in” their product to major store chains across the country.

How we solved it We devised and completed surveys on the target (niche) audience for this type of product across the nation. This included in depth interviews (survey results) by phone and responses (by Internet) to a detailed series of questions. The results revealed the key selling points for this product and from this, we worked with the Agency to develop a marketing campaign and sales Copywriting that would be successful in the in-store chains. As a result the company “sold in” their products to major chains across the country in a higher volume than they had previously envisioned. />

Problem New product not selling in the U.S.A. despite popularity in Europe.

How we solved it We surveyed to discover the unique selling proposition and brand image for the U.S.A. audience. We developed a number of potential slogans based on the market survey results and then we surveyed them to discover the exact description of the company that will be popular with the U.S. audience. In the course of this we discover the product names the company had been using in Europe were unappealing to the U.S. audience so we devised new names surveyed them and came up with names that would be popular with the target audience. Then we surveyed the potential designs for packaging, commercials, videos and sales arguments that would be popular with the target audience. As part of this we delivered responses from a live “focus group” as well as in depth surveys from target audience across the U.S.A. Then we worked with the marketing agency to ensure the survey results were understood for use in website content, and all aspects of the creative and effective marketing strategy and planning.  We also provided the service of Copywriting for website pages, and email offers, as well as script contribution for television ads. />

Problem Company has only generated business through referrals and has no social media (inbound marketing) or reach out actions to get new customers. The marketing problem was confusing because the purchasers are not the same people as the ones who generate the lead; the name of the product was confusing and as a result of all this there was no sales channel making it very hard for salesmen to follow up to get a sale.