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Expect Success Anywhere School (YouTube) 
Please enjoy my videos which are designed for parents, teachers, siblings and even peers to teach the fundamentals and tough subjects. Follow the video directions, or simply by watch and listen (and dance to the music)!

Educational Ideas and Windows to a Beautiful World -Pinterest
Enjoy looking out the “window” of your tablet or computer to see some amazing pictures of animals and beautiful places on Earth on Pinterest Boards. Get more ideas for your wonderful school projects at Ms Tara Teaches on Pinterest

Take a Class Using Edmodo Join me for a class on Edmodo.com. When you sign up, I provide you with the information. Share your writing skills with your fellow students!

Need help? 
Are you working with children as a teacher, parent, family member, sibling, paraprofessional or tutor? Please browse the blog for guidance and lesson plans. There are so many students to teach and they all want to learn. They just need you! So let’s help!
If you have a question and need to contact me directly about it, please use this form.

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