Pacific Career Development: Education & Transition Services

Reach Your Highest Potential with Educational Counseling

We see students first, not labels. When a student needs assistance or accommodations to manage school or work requirements, look to our educational counseling, transition services and career plans. Education and career counseling  strengthens minds, develops imaginations and provides solid research and real-world experience for students to discover rewarding and profitable careers.  We coordinate all aspects of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 plans, advocate for coordinated, successful solutions and assist all students whether or not they have received these plans.
We see answers first, not problems. We are a local education agency working with students, families and schools to develop transition plans based on the interest and goals of the student. We introduce students to post-secondary school options based on his or her interests, talents and skills including university education, apprenticeships and skills to start a business.
We see abilities first, not disabilities. We help students find the path to a career success and higher quality of life by identifying the student’s most powerful assets. Then we help the student, family and school to arrange for a positive experience overcoming challenges and successfully achieving goals.
Career Planning is necessary for everyone.  Everyone needs help to define their personal goals, recognize talents and learn how to develop them toward a fulfilling career.  Without competent, wise and inspired assistance to define these goals and plan for the future, students will falter, become uncertain, overwhelmed and often give up on their dreams.
Social and Business Skills are not innate to anyone. People are not easy to understand. Imagine if you were in a foreign land, you would not know the customs and manners. Social skills, rituals, customs and manners have to be taught, and these communication skills are vital to success in any business or occupation. People are not hard to understand, if you know how.
Let us be the wind beneath your wings. Inspiration can help you rise above the day-to-day challenges of understanding people, learning legal requirements, researching careers and achievements in areas of interest and the many other details of career success. An educational counselor provides guidance and inspiration to help students achieve independence.
We are Education Specialists trained to help every aspect of a student’s development: physical, social, academic and emotional. By coordinating all of the elements of a successful well-rounded education, a trained and experienced Educational Counselor can help any student test his or her wings and learn to fly.
We are smart enough to be your advocate, should you ever need us. It has been said that, “a good friend has your back”, and by that is meant that a good friend will protect you. Having an advocate should give you strength to ask for what you need to achieve and succeed as a student and in your career and the diplomacy of an competent advocate helps. It also means your advocate should know, and be able to apply, the law.
Designing A Career: Step I:
Defining A Student’s Unique Needs and Abilities
By the age of 16, or sooner, students will have a good idea of their areas of interest and potentially marketable skills. Prior to career planning, assessment and a summary of skills and abilities.
Academic Assessments: Mathematics, Language Arts

  • Academic Assessments: Mathematics, Language Arts
  • Social Skills Assessments
  • Physical and Emotional Needs Assessments
  • Interview: Goals, Interests
  • Success Counseling/Career Planning: How to Achieve your Goals
  • IEP u0026amp; 504 Plan Coordination and Advocacy

Designing A Career: Step II
Research, Training u0026amp; Apprenticeships
Every individual brings unique skills to the marketplace, but achieving career goals involves learning where you fit in the wide world of business, how to manage business relationships as well as promotion and production of the quality products needed for career success.

  • Research u0026amp; Discovery: Finding occupations in alignment with goals and abilities
  •  Apprenticeships u0026amp; Social Skills in Business: Meeting potential employers, gaining valuable experience, learning to manage the needs of employers and co-workers
  • Applications and Resumes: Obtaining recommendations, test taking, fulfilling legal requirements or certification required to achieve goals
  • Starting Your Own Business: Defining a marketable skill or product, finding the right audience, popularizing your offering, delivering a high quality product, accepting payment and management of financial matters

IDEA: A Higher Quality of Life for Students with Disabilities: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
Career and Education Counseling is Part of a Successful Transition