Student Health – Superfoods and More!

BoKu superfoods and proteins are highly recommended because they contain a wealth of naturally grown foods including highly potent mushrooms (vitamin D source) and berries (vitamin C source), and many that are hard to obtain, that your body will use to create abundant energy. This company was founded by a parent of a child with special needs and they source sustainable or grow all of the plants in Ojai, CA. I love Boku every day, myself. Yum, natural energy! Maybe you will too!
Soon I will have a link for you to order here, meanwhile you can order these marvelous nutritional products on the Boku Superfoods website.
In a world where we are constantly bombarded with pollution, we must take action! It is vital protect ourselves and stay healthy, so we can help the world overcome this crime against life on Earth. The most successful solution I have found – after clean air, water and fresh food solutions – is to connect directly to the land. Its called “grounding” and it turns out that grounding yourself by touching the Earth directly, alleviates all sorts of aches, pains and inflammation. It can also dissipate the electronic energy we collect each day from cell phone towers and computers. There’s lots to learn about grounding but the simplicity is: its free! Just take off your shoes, walk or sit directly on the earth (like the grass in your yard or a big, flat rock for sitting, or even a tree branch). Touching the Earth directly can be hard for those of us who must stay indoors for work or school. So, in addition to sitting on a nice big rock, finding a fresh stream or clean water source or a good climbing tree on the days off, I use grounding mats and connections to help me stay connected during the days while working and at night while sleeping. Grounding has changed many lives – it sure has changed mine for the better. Check it out. Google “grounding” and “grounding for health” on your search engine to learn more about this wonderful health discovery.
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