Academics Through the Arts

 “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand,”  – Native American proverb. It is the work of the teacher – to involve students in the discovery of life and the position they uniquely hold in this world. Learning by doing is the best practice, particularly when teaching gifted and exceptional students. “Experiential learning”, or learning from life experience, particularly through engagement in the Arts, provides a wealth of proven practices for teaching success.

Academics through The Arts (c) with Ms Tara 
Social skills, mathematical skills and language skills are all needed to solve problems relating to the real world which is reflected in every aspect of the Arts. Teaching the precise steps to solve real-world problems, from design to manufacturing and writing skills, prepares children to succeed.
Although Common Core State Standards provide guidance for what to teach grade by grade, it is paramount for exceptional, special-needs and gifted students to receive highly engaging lessons with the opportunity to practice new ideas extensively.  Find a growing number of lesson plans and resources by subject (English, math, science) on this website. Enjoy our Academics through the Arts Program in Los Angeles and Expect Success Anywhere School online.  Help students to achieve the common core standards with proven lessons and skillful teaching by donating to our Patreon campaign. 
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The World is your Library 
“Knowledge is rooted in all things – the world is a library.” – Lakota Native American saying.