Independent American Minister

We all feel the shift.
Called by many names, there is no one who is untouched by these changes, whatever your belief, hope or wish may be.
Religions may have different rituals, ceremonies, prayers, meditations. Thank God for them all.
Fundamental message of all those who are giving their passions to these ideals
– Kindness toward life
– Service to others is our daily practice
 Independent American Minister (IAM)
Independent – not a religious group, an ideological philosophy, a box you check to identify your “race” or “identity”, political party, clique, sexual preference or style. Just you.
American: 1590s, “pertaining to the Western Hemisphere and its aboriginal inhabitants,” from Modern Latin Americanus. Also referred to as the New World. 
One need not be born this lifetime with any blood or in any specific location to join us, because we are expressing something beyond space and time.
Minister – In this context to be of service means acting with kindness.
IAM  because we are all born of the same source, because we all have the right of experience life on Earth, we can voice our connection, reorient ourselves to our higher purpose, when we consider I AM.
We grow beneath the same Sun
We drink the one Water
We are made of Stardust
Bleed the same blood
We belong to Earth
?? (Waterfall in Tokyo Garden, Japan)