Expect Success Media began by asking the question – “How can I make the facts they need to know facts they want to know?” That led me to create lesson plans based on real life experiences and deliver them, keeping students engaged and learning.

The passion took me as I met so many talented and beautiful students who require special education. Using my skills and experience in storytelling, theater, art, music, research and design, I began to compose lessons based on the evidence-based proven teaching practices that are oriented toward real life experience – often through the Arts.

Expect Success! is honored to have been of service!

Results are born from devoted service. Here are some of the testimonials from students and parents.

Some people are born to do certain things.  I truly believe Ms Tara was born to tutor children.  She is absolutely incredible. 

Our family feels like we won the jackpot.  She recognizes how each child learns and caters her style to him/her.  We’ve seen tremendous growth with our son since he’s been he’s been working with Ms. Tara.  He’s starting to understand things differently and we can see the shift.  On a personal level, Ms. Tara is kind, understanding, and dedicated.  We feel truly blessed.

-KM, Mother of two kids with special needs and Mental Health Therapist

Ms Tara helped me to understand the meaning of mathematics and made it really easy to understand it.  Not only that but she helped me with my testing skills. Many thanks because of that my grades really improved.
                                                                                      – S.N., Grade 9

I learned how to use the dictionary and increased my vocabulary by at least 20 words each time, learning root words, too. Also, I now I have a better understanding of how to begin a research paper. I do not have a panic attack when I see an essay prompt on a test:  It’s easier for me to break it down. I can start a thesis without having to struggle.  Prior to testing my Grade in Advanced Placement English was an “F”.  I received a B+ on my last exam.  Doin’ the happy dance about my tutoring results!
                                                                                         – J.H., Grade 11

I learned how to use a dictionary, learned many new words and root words. Also I learned how to use an atlas so I can read stories. I learned how to concentrate on my schoolwork and not get bored, walk away or forget.  – F.M., Grade 6

Guess who just won student of the month! Me!, DF, Age 5, Kindergarten

From happy parents:
Dear Ms Tara, I hope you’re having a good day and just to make it better, I wanted to let you know your student, Alec has been chosen as the student of the month. And I thought you would be very happy for him because you both have been working so hard to getting him to where he needs to be. I’m thank full to have you in our lives and all of the hard work you’ve been putting into my son, god bless and thank you.” – A.D, Burbank, CA
“Ms. Tara is a wonderful teacher; she’s patient, smart and knows how to get your child’s attention. She has been teaching my son for math and science. Ms. Tara brings joy to learning. Usually my son does not like doing homework but when it is presented by Ms Tara, he gets very excited and is so proud of himself for getting the right answer. I would definitely recommend Ms Tara because she is experienced and has a way of getting a child to be so interested in whatever they are having problems with – definitely 5 stars.” – Lusine, Burbank, CA

Letters from Primary students: