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Expect Success Tutoring and Educational Coaching helps students to overcome barriers to success with confidence and certainty. Expect Success Services address all of the areas of life where your student must know how to succeed: academics/education, relationships and career.

Barriers such as missing time in school, lack of understanding of key concepts, learning differences, misunderstandings, relationship challenges, differences or disabilities can make goals seem unattainable and can make studying or some subjects a confusing blur.

Expect Success provides evidence-based tactical programs to overcome these hurdles. 

Learning something new or managing a different environment or relationships always presents tough challenges!

You need a good teacher and coach who will make sure you are confident and certain.

Expect Success tutoring provides direct instruction on methods and procedure with real life application. During tutoring, every student is taught with their personal learning style. Academics are taught with knowledge of the Common Core and IXL certification with advanced knowledge and experience in English Language Arts.

Success Coaching for every student provides the tools to overcome barriers, strengthen Executive Functioning Skills, Social Skills and the skills necessary to define your student’s career based on their unique talents, interests or opportunities, including career discovery and counseling which is so vital for everyone, especially students with challenges or disabilities. .

Stay in touch with Expect Success’ Educational Coach Tara 


Ms Tara received her undergraduate degree from Tufts University. She is an Education Specialist who earned her credential from California State Northridge. Lessons are bright and engaging – designed to resolve challenging issues with educational wisdom, experience and multi-sensory activities.  If your student presents with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, is on the autism spectrum or is encountering barriers with concepts in English or Mathematics, please contact Ms Tara.

If you aren’t sure what learning style will work best, need an expert – an Education Specialist – to resolve issues, graduate high school or college courses, or simply want dedicated time with one of the world’s most caring and effective teachers, please contact Ms Tara.

EVERY student will benefit from activity based, visual learning, multisensory teaching style. Universally Designed Lessons with these elements make learning a lot more fun. Help your child achieve success in academics and in life!

If you can show it,
you know it

That’s my motto.

When you can apply the practice in a real-life situation, you are certain of the material, whether the subject is language or science, music or math. Experiential Learning is learning by experience or by doing educational activities.

What is Expect Success Anywhere School?

Expect Success provides evidence-based tools for all students and addresses the high incidence of students who learn through multi-sensory activities including movement methods (for kinesthetic and tactile learners) and visual methods (for visual learners) – in other words ACTION.

A Word

From Ms. Tara

Thanks for visiting and learning about Educational tutoring and Success Coaching!  These services are the key to success in life. You’re not just following a rote set of activities to learn, but working with a real teacher to develop your learning skills set and learning techniques for a lifetime. Sessions are affordable, effective and life changing in a positive way for each and every student. I look forward to meeting you soon!

– Ms. Tara

Universally designed lesson plans by Ms. Tara

Highly engaging lessons that students love for teaching all types of learners!

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