Students need vital, relevant, enriching and uplifting reading material. As a writer with years of experience in the publishing industry, I’m happy to oblige with wonderful books and stories to capture your student’s attention and teach English.

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I am writing a trilogy of books called the ElvenWorld Adventure Series. The first book in the series, Elven World, Return of the Tuatha de Danann introduces the reader to the exciting Celtic Pantheon. Students can learn more than just the Roman and Greek Gods in middle and high school, now they can learn the Celtic pantheon in an exciting adventure story!

The second book in the series is called Star Travelers, Through the Portal which continues the adventure story with the grandchildren of the ancients in our modern world. It will appeal to the students who are interested  in science, ecology, animal rights, human rights issues including bullying and environmental rights. More about each book is included below.

My life has been enriched tremendously by meeting the readers of my books. So read, enjoy and please stay in touch with your comments on social media. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Elven World, Return of the Tuatha de Danann
Fiction: Coming of Age
Level: pre-teens, teens and young adults

Tuatha de Danann means “Tribe of the Earth Planet” or “Tribe of Mother Earth”  in Gaelic, or Irish.

Since the original publication of this book in 2008, there has been a renaissance of interest in Celtic Culture worldwide; this beautiful book has been a part of this resurgence of Celtic lifestyle and beliefs in a profound relationship to Nature. Today as we struggle with the issues of climate change, we need our magical heroes and heroines more than ever.

Celtic Cultural stories are the Marvel Comics of the ages past – likewise you’ll enjoy this fantastic modern telling of a modern Celtic fairytale,  unfolding the ancient Celtic worldview about Nature for the modern student. Students will gain better understanding of Nature’s magic, potential and importance of living responsibly within this balance to create our future as people of Earth. 

Originally written as a graphic novella, illustrations illuminate the pages but more importantly, students can develop their own ideas and art, sharing on Elven World social media. As if told by a time traveling Bard from the forest people of ancient times, we witness a wonderful opportunity of teaching Celtic Mythology in modern literature for today’s student.  For many students of Celtic ancestry this is a wonderful opportunity to learn Celtic folklore and to engage with others who have these interests.

Elven World is funny, romantic, epic adventure that often appeals to those interested in Celtic folklore (Tolkien, Elves) with a tale of self-discovery, overcoming fear of the unknown and the vanquishing of hate. 

Danu is the Earth Mother to the tribe of this goddess, but the hero of the book is the Great Lugh of the Longarm. Other characters of the story include Brigit, BeChuille, Scota, Donn, Angus and many more.   The book is illustrated with a glossary for Celtic Mythology and a complete appendix with the original story of the Tuatha de Danann in Celtic Lore. The current hardcopy book is fan illustrated, with more Celtic artists submitting their beautiful artwork and music on our dedicated website, so it is continually being updated to include submissions from around the world. 

This is the first in the legends of the Tuatha de Danann, Elven World Book 2, Soul Star Travelers: As Above, So Below.


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Soul Star Travelers: Through the Portal
Teach Peace and Non Violence to Youth in the age of space travel and help better the world during these rapidly changing times.
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Book category: Coming of Age: Science fiction and fantasy
Level: Teens and young adult Age 13+ Grades 7-12+

This is the story of two girls: one from Earth and one from a Starship who accidentally switch places in a cosmic portal. Poetic, beautiful, funny and entertaining, this story will bring home world issues that teens are facing in their lives as they embark on their journey into the world at large. Needless to say, it also teaches English language with a wealth of literary techniques and robust vocabulary to make every lesson exciting.

This book is designed as a teaching tool for the humanities in Junior High and High School, Grades 7-12, average age 13+. Students will have excellent opportunity to discuss human rights, animal rights, environmental rights. It is a superb book to correspond with the student’s study of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the most fundamental document of International Law.

Help your students learn their rights and bring to the table moral issues in a context that will make them think, give them a touch-point for excellent thesis’ essay writing and debate in a safe space where all students can communicate their ideas on important subjects in our world today.
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This book comes with a Lesson Plan fulfilling the Common Core English Language Requirements Grades 7-12 from  Expect Success Media

Declaration of Rights – Videos

DANZEN A Dancer’s Guidebook
Book category: Non fiction, how to, movement therapy

Educational Movement Therapy[/caption]This simple book teaches Danzen Movement Therapy. Do you like to dance? Move to the music? Well, put your moves to work to feel happy and increase your mental and physical skills. Posture is essential to a healthy life and yet it is rarely taught in classes. No matter your level of ability, you can learn how to have excellent posture to improve your mental and physical health. Learn the basics of how to dance so you can dance your troubles away and feel much happier and healthier! Ms. Pelton is a certified Autism Movement Therapist.

Who is it for: People who like music. People who like dancing. All Levels. Any Ability.

Suitable for all ages, all levels of ability or “disability”,  recommended for kids with special needs who benefit from movement therapy, studies show.
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