Enjoy using Expect Success Anywhere School videos in your lessons!

Ms. Tara’s Expect Success! Anywhere School Videos  include lessons for  reading and writing English. All lessons are based on proven educational, evidence-based practices and the common core state standards established in the USA and are suitable for children all over the world. This media addresses learning from a new dimension – a heart based perspective that makes it easy to understand and to learn.

Beginner/Young Children

Created for children learning English around the world. Common Core State Standard Kindergarten Phonological awareness 3a. Demonstrate basic knowledge of 1 to 1 letter sound correspondences.”

Learn the alphabet with animals!

Ms Tara’s Hello Today Song.

Learn to say “Hello” in 21 of Earth’s Languages and start off with a great day.

Ms. Tara Teaches Words That Rhyme: Fat Cat in the Hat and More.

Created for children around the world, the Fat Cat in the Hat rhyming video teaches 3 sets of rhyming words. Common Core state standards for Kindergarten Phonological Awareness, to demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, recognize and produce rhyming words. Teacher reads along with student

Long and Short Vowel Sounds: A, E, I, O U

Check out these wonderful videos where you can dance and sing and speak the long and short vowels to learn each of these important sounds.
I Inchworm: Long and short sounds of the Letter I vowel