Enjoy using Expect Success Anywhere School videos in your lessons!
Ms. Tara’s Expect Success! Anywhere School Videos  include lessons for  reading and writing English. All lessons are based on proven educational, evidence-based practices and the common core state standards established in the USA and are suitable for children all over the world. You can also find links to Videos I recommend for Teaching Reading and Mathematics on my You Tube Playlists by Grade and Subject

Beginner/Young Children
Created for children learning English around the world. Common Core State Standard Kindergarten Phonological awareness 3a. Demonstrate basic knowledge of 1 to 1 letter sound correspondences.” This video shows pictures of all of the animals in the alphabet.

Ms Tara’s Hello Today Song. Learn to say “Hello” in 21 of Earth’s Languages and start off with a great day.

Ms. Tara Teaches Words That Rhyme: Fat Cat in the Hat and More. Created for children around the world, the Fat Cat in the Hat rhyming video teaches 3 sets of rhyming words. Common Core state standards for Kindergarten Phonological Awareness, to demonstrate understanding of spoken words, syllables, recognize and produce rhyming words. Teacher reads along with student

Music Videos Teaching the long and Short Vowel Sounds: A, E, I, O U – Check out these wonderful videos where you can dance and sing and speak the long and short vowels to learn each of these important sounds
I Inchworm: Long and short sounds of the Letter I vowel

Where is O? Long and Short sounds of the Letter O

Letter E Waltz Long and Short Sounds (slow, beginner)

Eat Some Eggs! Letter E Sounds: Vowel Sounds long and Short for Letter E (fast dance version)

Ahhh!! Long and Short Sounds of the Letter A

Blending Words: Hook up to our video channel to watch carefully selected videos that teach the common Core statute standards such as the PBS Electric Company Silhouette Blends

Letter A Sounds Song Follow Along: Sing the Long and Short A follow along song! Common Core State standard Phonics and Word Recognition: 3. B. “Associate the long and short sound with common spellings.”

Reading English: Foundations Decode Word Origins: 50 Words in 15 minutes Suitable for English Language Learners anywhere in the world. USA Grade 3 Common Core State Standard Reading Foundational Skills RF.3.3 Know and apply grade level phonics and work d analysis skills in decoding. Suitable for anyone learning English and boosting vocabulary skills.

English: Let’s Talk About Language Origin: Learn new words and language origin. Ideal for English Language Learners. USA Grade 3 Common Core State Standard Reading Foundational Skills RF.3.3 Know and apply grade level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding.

Mathematics Videos

Fractions in Nature
If you have a child who is upset or not getting fractions ideas, have your student watch this video and discuss fraction concepts all around you!

Introducing Factors: Common Core State Standard Lesson for 4th Grade
Very calm easy explanation of what a factor and multiple is so your student can think with the concept. watch often, and encourage drawing factor concepts.

Success in Education
Success in education comes from knowing effective teaching practices, and teaching them! There are so many students and so much to learn. So I began posting videos I created for my students. Each video is used with a corresponding  evidence-based, universally designed lesson plan suitable for exceptional students and for teaching English as a second language. For US students, I have included the Common Core State Standards by name and number. With these videos the teacher has visual prompts. You’ll find lesson plans here at Expect Success Media to teach English as a second language or to elementary students and pre-kindergarten students (or anyone learning English for the first time).*