Cold Soup Lesson
Or 5 Reasons Not to Complain When Your Soup Gets Cold
A frisky cold, blowing afternoon slammed the door behind me as I entered the small cafe.
I’d imagined the warmth of hot soup on my lips. Sadly, at my first sip, I found my soup … was cold.
My temper rose, I sighed, defiant; ready to raise my voice and complain, hoping everyone would hear.
Then it hit me:

  1. But here I am. Sitting on a bit of Earth at 30° North, which means I am spinning West to East at the rate of about 860 mph. (At the equator this would be 1,000 miles per hour – the rotation of Earth.)
  2. Earth moves through its orbit around the sun at about 67,000 miles per hour.
  3. The Sun is catapulting forward toward the Star Vega, at 43,000 miles per hour with out entire solar system in its wake!
  4. Meanwhile, our Galaxy spins around the Milky Way at a blinding speed of 514,000 miles per hour.
  5. Our galaxy rushes through the universe at a speed of more than 1 million miles per hour!So, as I sat before my cold soup, in fact, I was spiraling forward in five different directions at once, at a speed of maybe two and a half million miles per hour! With that reflection, At that point I was feely cheery that I was even standing –and  I had to laugh at my complaint and accept my lesson. After all, what’s a bit of cold soup when you’re flying through space?