The United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals for Earth Project (#SDGs) has put as our top priority internationally, the end of plastic waste that is choking our oceans and waterways. You can learn much more about this subject by searching the web for “Sustainable Development Goals” and #endplasticwaste.

Currently, I ask you to join me in reading the website and book by my friend Kathryn Kellogg who is teaching students and parents around the world how to take action to reduce plastic waste in our own lives. Her book is called 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste. Yes, we all know that the big companies must change their ways and find new solutions to the plastic waste issues for the whole world to change. For example, we can implement a “circular economy” – which is when waste that is made can be returned to the Earth safely, just as it is done in Nature.

But it is a big change worldwide since plastics have been used in so many ways and are a big business with many millions making income from selling plastic products. So what can we do?

The first step is to focus our minds on what we really want – how can we change our own lives to make way for a cleaner and pollution-free world? Your influence can change not only your own life, but the lives of the people around you. Before too long, living a plastic and pollution free life will be so popular, that big companies will have no choice but to change their minds, too!

Please join me. Get a copy and let’s read this book together, do some research and write about our hopes and dreams for a pollution-free world. Ideas are powerful, Ideas with action are even more powerful. Let’s do it!