“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may not remember. Involve me, and I’ll understand,”  – Native American proverb
Project based learning is the activity of learning through hands-on activities. Painting drawing, building, making replicas, sculpture, performance, video, songs, poetry, photography, science experiments such as gardening, chemical experiments and science demonstrations, exhibits, speeches, plays and events. 
Project based learning begins with a question or curiosity. For example: “I wonder if plants grow better to music or not?”  Well, do some research and create your own experiment! 
“I am curious about the artists of the Renaissance” You can create a “museum” of Renaissance paintings, visit a museum or even imitate the paintings of the great Renaissance painters with your own paint and canvas! 
“I wonder if I could create paintings as great as Leonardo da Vinci?”  Well, try it! Maybe you can! 
The excitement and activity is endless along with the possibilities for growth. 
So set up your backyard art, carpentry or music studio and lets get rolling! 
Here is an example of a Project that has been done by artists with grant funding 
To give you an idea of how awesome this style of learning can be: 

Here are some great resources for Project Based Learning 
Believe me, I will be adding to this list! 
Art and Science 

World History 
Timelines and Map Projects
Resources for Teachers: