First day’s Lesson: What is Your Name?

Materials: paper and pencils colored crayons, Google Docs,  paint, computer apps, etc.

Directions given by teacher to students (modeling as needed for smaller children

1.Write your name. Share your name with the group orally and in writing. Be sure to explain if you have a nickname and a formal name, explain how you like to be called – by your nickname? If someone introduces you to someone they know – how would you like to be introduced?

  1. Discover, if not already known, the meaning of your name if there is one, by looking it up online and /or asking your family. Or discover: why you were given your name? For example, a parent may have named their child after someone they love in a book, or after a famous person or deity, or created a name or given a name that has a known meaning. Or perhaps your name has a special meaning in your culture. You can search online to find the meanings of baby names and many people choose these names for a newborn.
  2. Why do you have this name? For example: what language did your ancestors speak? Is your name from another language than English?
  3. Sometimes a person does not know or cannot find the answers to these kinds of questions. Sometimes a person does not like their name. What would you like your name to be? What would you like your name to mean?
  4. Design an image using your name. Creatively write the name. For example, many students like to make a sign for their room or area or personal space such as a desk, and put it up showing their name and show their own personality. Some students paint their name and others compose a pictorial or illustrative design using a computer program, or find a photo which is an avatar (symbol) or a photograph of themselves.
  5. Share your design.
  6. Thank you and enjoy!