We have been learning about the Elements of a Story: 
Plot: Plot is the story: the beginning, middle and end of a story. It is composed of the following story elements: 
Characters: Who is in the story 
Setting: Where is it located (can be many or changing locations as the story progresses)
Conflict: Why is there tension or action in the story ?
Climax: When the tension or action comes to the highest part 
Resolution: How the problem is resolved
Please note that these five elements match the five W’s that you use when writing essays: 
1. Who, 2. What, 3. When, 4. Where, and Why — plus How. 

You’ll see these elements present in fables, fairytales and legends. They are also present in every situation comedy, sketch, movie or play. 
Fables: Usually the characters are animals and there is a moral, like Aesop’s Fables. Fables are suitable for teaching small children and teens. 
Fairytales and Folktales: Longer with more details and complexity to the story, folktales often includes fantasy elements and magical characters. Suitable for teaching youth and enjoyment for the whole family.
Legends & Myths: Usually based on an original real-life account that has been embellished by retelling over the years, legends and myths may include fantastic or magical elements. Suitable for teaching young adults, myths often have a deeper, sometimes spiritual, meaning.
People of all ages enjoy these stories, and I hope you will make them a part of your life.
Fables and Fairytales from Around the World 
You can enjoy a wealth of fairy and folk tales from around with world. Be entertained and practice English with stories from: Africa, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Japan, China, Wales, Native Americans and many more. 
This website is a wonderful place to find great stories: https://fairytalez.com/regions/
Continue to practice retelling stories both orally and in writing to improve your skills.
Famous Myths & Legends from Around the World 
Here you can read about the most famous myths and legends from around the world. Here are some famous myths and legends —  we don’t whether are they really happened or not!
The renown publisher World Book has compiled myths and legends from around the world into a volume set. This may be available at your library or you can request it from the library or for your school: 
People tell legends to this very day. A good example of this is the book Elven World, Return of the Tuatha de Danann.  This book is set in the present time with mythological characters from Ireland’s mythic past, who return to save our world now. 
Elven World, Return of the Tuatha De Danann 
Comic books and graphic novels are often based on “super heroes” which are a type of character that has developed from legends told for thousands of years. In this article, the writer explains how characters from legends of the past have the same characteristics as our modern comic book characters:  How Ancient Legends gave Birth to Modern Superheroes.