Writing and Composition Assessment Response

Grades 9-12 High School

     The purpose of this Writing Assessment is to see how you are doing as a writer and discover where you might need help in tutoring you on your writing skills. There are no wrong answers. The grading system helps you to understand what is being required, but this is not a test. Your responses will help me help you improve your writing skills, if needed.
     Please use complete sentences and accurate punctuation.
     Write as much as you can.
     If you can write a paragraph, do it. If you can respond with several paragraphs, do it.
     The best way to take this test is to write about things you are familiar with or that you are interested in discovering. You can take as long as you like. Please write down how many minutes or hours you spend answering the questions. (Don’t count time away from the computer).  You do not have to answer them in order, but you need to answer every question. If you don’t want to answer the question, please make sure you respond with complete sentences and paragraphs, explaining why.
     Answer these questions with as much detail as possible. Copy the questions onto a separate document and type or text-to-speech your responses.  Be sure to put your name on the document and save it using your Last Name and First Name.
     Please let me know if you have questions or need to obtain accommodations to complete this assignment.
     Thank you for doing this Writing Assessment!
Points System
Per Question:

1 point for each completed sentence.
5 points for each completed paragraph.
10 additional bonus points for writing two or more paragraphs in response to the question
Minus .5 for repeated errors – check your work!

Grade System

A + Two or more attempts to write two or more paragraphs
A – Complete sentences and attempts at paragraph response to each question
B – Complete sentences and at least 2 paragraph responses
C – Mainly completed single sentence responses
D – Too many errors to understand or be unreadable
F – no response, no participation

Writing Assessment

1. What is your favorite sport, occupation or hobby? Why? Tell me your story that explains why you chose your favorite sport, occupation or hobby.
2. Would you like to get tutoring on any subject? Which one or ones? Why?
3. What would be your ideal occupation? Why?
4. In your opinion, should students take a class in good manners at school? Why or why not?
5. What is your definition of Mathematics? Give me an example of a Mathematical sentence. Do you think there is a mathematical equation to describe a rainbow? Why or why not?
6. Are you interested in learning another language? Which one? Why did you choose that language?
7. What is your favorite food? Did you learn how it is made? How?
8. Which animal are you most interested in studying in biology class? Why?
9. Have you heard of the Periodic Table of Elements? Which Element are you most familiar with and what do you know about it?
10. What is your favorite music or type of music? What do you like about it? Please give details about your favorite musical artist.
11. Do you like to draw, paint, play music, dance or write stories or any other art form? If so, please attach a piece of your work and tell me a little bit about it.