Are you interested in learning more about global sustainability?
I am!  Here at Expect Success Media, we are reaching out with new ideas, new ways of doing things, a strong purpose and a heavy dose of tenacity. Won’t you join me in learning more and getting involved in global sustainability?  – T.E. Pelton, Owner of Expect Success Media Solutions, market research & survey specialist.
Global sustainability is a vital subject considering because our world is changing so fast.  You can learn more about research projects and ecological and sustainable development from the Alliance for Global Sustainability.
The Alliance for Global Sustainability is a partnership of four scientific and technological universities:
• The Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• The University of Tokyo
• Chalmers University of Technology
• The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
The purpose is to provide a forum for collaboration to solve some of the real world problems such as climate change, water, power and food management and how to utilize green architecture and green design to reform our social structure with environmental responsibility and sustainable ecosystems.
If you are a student interested in studying global sustainability or you would like to learn more go to: