Academics through the Arts Make Learning Fun

Learn the tough concepts in Language, Mathematics and Science through artistic projects and games.  Especially for Kinesthetic and Visual Learners by Ms Tara of AnyWhere School popularity. Classes are non stop engaging fun learning, great as supplementary education and review of tough concepts, reading writing and arithmetic for students Grades K-6

English Language

Grade                                                                                    Skill                                                                                                  Learning Project

K                                                                                           Alphabet                                                                                          Animal alphabet games

K.                                                                                          Alphabet, Vowels, Phonics                                                           Songs, Sign Language

K-1                                                                                       Sight Words                                                                                     Drawing/clay & Letter sounds.

K-2                                                                                      Phonics Onsets & Rhymes.                                                           Songs/singalong

                                                                                            (E.g. Cat, Sat, Bat)

Gr 1-2                                                                                   Vowels, Phonics                                                                               Vowel  sounds Song & dance

Gr 1-6                                                                                  Sight words.                                                                                       Drawing, clay & small words Storytelling

Gr 1-3                                                                                  Phonics (blends)                                                                               Making Words Storytelling/theatre

Gr 1-3                                                                                 Comprehension                                                                                  Sign language & Vocabulary. & gesture songs

Gr 1-3.                                                                                Phonics blends.                                                                                   Writing stories: word choice and composition

 Gr 1-3                                                                                Parts of speech                                                                                   Noun/verb  Walk, talk & point Students walk

                                                                                                                                                                                                            point to and describe what they see, feel, taste

Gr 1-6.                                                                              Writing sentences                                                                              Tell/write a story & paragraphs. With illustrations, Puppets, clay, sets Stories have beginning, middle and ending, characters etc. Gr 1-6 Vocabulary Root word trees Root word charades Gr 1-6. Phonics prefixes, suffixes Code and. decode detective search and discovery adventure Gr 3-6. Language/communication Send a letter to a friend Gr 1-6 Fluency Put on a puppet play Students practice lines, repetition (reading aloud, memorizing) Mathematics K Counting Count animals videos Animal puppets count And categorize Gr 1 Addition. Counting by types of  Colored Objects Gr 2. Telling time. Songs & game What Time did it happen? Improvisation/drama/mime Gr 2 Subtraction. Songs & pantomime “Oops he ate my ____” Gr 2. Addition. Animated addition Design-flip books Gr 2. Subtraction Animated subtraction Design flip/slide books Gr 2-3. Mathematics. Sound & Music: What  Is sound? Play the  Bells, Chimes, Glasses Or bowls Gr 3. Multiplication. Math grid designs Gr 3. Multiplication. Count by 2s,3s, 4s, etc – Songs Gr 4 Multiples. Multiple grid designs  Gr 4 Multiples. Multiples Nature Walks Gr 4. Multiples. The Golden Mean Video/photo project Gr 5. Fractions. Fractions Nature Walks Gr 5. Fractions Origami Measurements Boxes; building designs Gr 5 Fractions Color mixing: paint The color wheel Gr 5 Fractions Cooking design Make a salad  Gr 5 Fractions Hopscotch by  Fractions & Chalk Design Gr 4-5. Division Paper construction Show multiples, divisors  And quotients in design E.g. Use triangle figure to create design to show relation between 3, 5 and 15 Gr 5 Division and Paper construction Denominators. Showing fractions Gr 5 Numerators and. Paper design Denominators. Construction