Educational Kinesiology: Special Needs; Gross Motor Skills; Danzen (c) Dance; Tap Dance
“The importance of gross motor training in the development of curriculum for exceptional individuals has been well documented by research findings. (Sharen Kokaska. April, 1973) implied that whereas motor training is important to motor development, it is not sufficient in itself. Exceptional individuals need to experiment with body movements. Three categories were outlined to assist in the total development of the individual. They were: (1) movement exploration where the individual is presented with a task in which he must seek his own solution (2) creative expression where where the individual is presented with material upon which he improvises movement, and (3) structured activities in which the individual is guided to practice certain skills and games. The importance of setting a definite time for activities were discussed as being essential to movement training.
– Thomas, Illinois, Educational Strategies and Services for Exceptional Children Taylor, Jackson,
Danzen was developed to assist special needs children in developing gross motor skills. It is taught by modeling or mirroring or imitation between two students, or a mentor and a student or a student and a tutor. It is no performance dance designed to enhance physical and mental connection.
It is also a communication.
Listen to this story from the great tap dancer Jimmy Slyde who is explaining to his young protege Savion Glover, how dance is a communication. Video
Here you can see Jimmy Slyde dance
Here you can see Savion Glover dance
Tara Pelton, B.A, Tufts is a dance teacher special needs, and tutor, graduate student at CSUN