I am Expecting Success for sustainable solutions by admiring Dr. Teuro Higa, developer of Effective Micro Organisms.
A Japanese horticulturist  from University of Ryukus in Okinawa, Dr Higa found many microorganisms are capable of positively influencing decomposing organic matter and turing it into a “life promoting” process.  The brand “Effective Mircroorganisms” was developed by him and has been successfully used in sustainable practices such as supporting sustainable farming, animal husbandry, compost and waste management and disaster clean up. EM has been used in the Southeast Tsunami of 2004, Hurricane Katrina re-mediation and the Kobe earthquake.
There are many EM Distributors, search to find one in your area or become one yourself and help improve the environment in your back yard, your neighborhood, your town!

About the writer: Tracy E Locke is a social media and branding expert, working for companies that enhance the health and beauty of our planet. telocke.com