The crime against trees that was perpetrated by one arsonist last year and burned a good portion of the LA National forest, is just one example of crimes against the Earth.
The other one is the dumping of trash.  My photo of LA vacant lot trash in yesterday’s blog says it all: The Battle for the Earth.
It is a daily lesson for me to walk the vacant lot, talk to the
“homeless” who live there and ask the Higher Power for help to change the world.
I say “homeless” in quotes because they actually have a home.  Here is a picture of it:
Despite admonishments of friends, I asked the homeless man who lives in the vacant lot to please pick up the trash.
And guess what?  He did.
There are some 25 bags full ready to be hauled away.
I made his first payment today … $5. Wish it was more because he is doing a good job.   (Let me know if you want to help I’ll put up a donation button and give him your donations).