How to Acknowledge Someone
Listen and try to understand
Listening usually involves looking at and facing the person talking and not doing anything else
Say something to show you understand and show that you understand with your body movements
For example
Facing the person, you might say
Yes, I understand
Thank you for telling me, I got it
It’s clear what you mean
Be sure to complete the conversation by listening and acknowledging before starting a new idea.
Note: People will get upset if you do not listen to them and provide an acknowledgment. They will get even more upset if you interrupt them by saying you understand before they have a chance to complete the whole thought.
Letting a Person Talk
Everyone needs to explain their thoughts, ideas, opinions. Parents and teachers also give direct orders which must be done. Your parents and teachers are the only ones who have the right to order you to do something by law. This is for your safety and security.
If you are unable to follow an order or direction from parents or teachers, clarify it. Clarify any order that does not make sense to you completely.
Do your best to follow the order or direction.
If you cannot understand what you are supposed to do or why, ask your parent or teacher or another trusted adult.
Always make sure you listen so you can understand the words. Also, look at the person speaking so you can understand their emotion, too.  Be kind enough to really listen and understand others and you will discover that most people, especially parents and teachers, are pretty amazing. If you ever have trouble, seek help or guidance from a trusted adult. For example, explain your problem understanding to a grandparent or teacher, to help you understand.
Looking at Someone when they are talking
Sometimes it is hard to look at people when they are talking. Sometimes you would rather do something else.
When listening to a parent or teacher, face them. Do not move about, listen to the words, notice the body language. Notice their emotion.
If you cannot listen for some reason, say “I’m sorry, I cannot talk right now”before you leave. Remember, during class time, you must listen to the teacher. At home, make sure you know when you are supposed to be listening, so that you can listen carefully.