Ms. Tara’s Manners
Phone conversations
“Hello. Is this ………..?”
Make sure you know who it is
“Good to hear from you. “
Or if you are calling, “This is …….”
“Is there anything you need or that I can help you with?”
Or if you are calling: “I am calling about……”
Recess conversations
Do you want to play?
Do you want to have lunch with us?
What are you doing for holiday?
Do you like to play……………. (Name of game)
Making Friends
Meet as partners on a project
Meet at lunchtime
Meet during recess to play a game
Meet doing a project together or collaborating in school
Have lunch together
How to meet someone
Say hello
It is often a good idea to give a compliment to the other person. For example:
I like your shoes
Well that’s a great picture you drew
I liked your project in class
What’s your favorite music?
Do you like pizza, I do!
What’s your favorite dessert?
Do you play a sport, which one?
I am interested in…………. are you familiar with that?
What do you like to do on the weekends?
Working Together Collaboration
Student 1: Hello. I am working on …………Can we work together?
Student 2: Yes, No, Maybe, I don’t want to….
Student 1: Great or Let me know or Okay