I am a Teacher/Tutor for students with special needs for Los Angeles Public School District. The primary special need these students have is equipment.  Many families cannot afford the equipment that any student needs to really learn in today’s world – a computer.  Tablets are perfect for students because they can look up anything on the Internet – including the meanings of words, how to do math problems, and much, much more.  You should also know that tablets are tested and shown to work magic for children with various learning challenges of all ages.
Please donate your pre-used (or new is OK too) tablets to these students.  How it works: The student will give you a written request and it will be authorized by me so that the student is going to really use what you are sending and have their parent’s permission to use the Internet. you have the proper address for mailing and so forth. Once received and in use you will receive a letetr of thanks, I am sure!
If you want to donate to the students in your city or town, find a teacher to help you!
Interested? Send me an email through this website.
Blessings from the LA Unified School District,
Tar a