Marketing from the Heart is a handbooklet  written a few days before the Earthquake in Japan of March 11, 2011.
The echo from the Earth’s movement on that day has sent our world spinning faster by 1.6 seconds; a change that, like a heartbeat, influences every aspect of our lives.
This is not the first or the last of the earth changes that will shape our economy, society and culture. This process has already begun to alter our lives personally and professionally.
March 11, 2011 marks the moment when humanity looked to find a world with much greater meaning. As our economy shakes to the very core, we are looking to find a way to live our lives in greater balance, peace and connection with one another.
We have no choice but to stand with pride in our exchange within the economy. We want to take pride that our products and services are contributing to a better world.
We have no choice but to stand with respect for the most fundamental needs of individuals: community, spirit and love.  We want to share messages of value.
We have no choice but to admit the stupidity of our defiance to the Earth and to make a path of respect and abundance.  We want to create an economy that enhances natural resources.
If we can do these things, our civilization can be reinvented, our economy can flourish.
Hopi Elders in the prayer for Japan and the rest of the world on March 17, 2011:
“Hopi say there is a path to follow that allows for us to move through this time of change. Walk gently upon our Earth with respect for her and all life.  A return to connecting our heart with the heart of the path to the future.”
It is in the spirit of blessing, respect and hope, I have written Marketing from the Heart, and I hope it will be of service to you in this time of change.
T.E. Locke