Seems that Twitter creates a new paradigm for Public Relations and Marketing that is more like a beehive than a corporate dictatorship. And Twitter seems to be some kind of a divinely inspired accident: something unplanned that is teaching us quickly and easily to listen from the heart instead of from the head.
Twitter puts people and “Brands” into communication at a personal level. It forces Brands and companies to listen, and listen in a more harmonious and organic way.
One does not only have to listen only when there is a problem, or when a sale or statistic goes down (or up), but he can intuitively engage with his audience daily in a harmonious way; providing service, answering questions, entertaining or providing valuable, relevant information and in general being a part of the community.
Twitter puts the consumer at equal footing with the Brand, giving them courage to speak their minds, flex the consumer power muscle. If Merry Work from Home Mom doesn’t like company policy the she can will Tweet the CEO, or post a message on his wall or his “Fan Page.”  And if she has tens of thousands of engaged followers, her voice will be heard.
It makes me grin to I envision just how much power there is in this new kind of consumer-brand relationship. As a Marketing person, and especially as a marketing research professional, yes I do truly feel it is heaven sent. All we have to do is ask, “Would you prefer our packaging is compostable and are you willing to pay 50 cents more to be sure that it is?” These kinds of issues can be easily flushed out in a survey. And if that survey is done over the social networks, well, my goodness…. The answers would be hard to ignore, wouldn’t they?
Even better, a Company with the courage to be on Facebook or Twitter is someone who is willing to listen in the first place.
Twitter puts everyone at the same party.
And that is inspiring.
So, I simply think it is divine that this opportunity exists. And I am deeply grateful to be living this moment in history.
How about you?
Expect Success,