Why do some market research firms overwhelm us with market research data collection that is TMI (Too Much Information)? If you have you ever read one of those huge marketing research briefs—tomes—of market research collected data, then you know what I mean. Some of these reports are thicker than Encyclopedia's!

Do any of these facts have to do with selling anything to anyone or popularizing your brand?
You may never know!

Yes, it is important to be precise with research data collection. But it is more important to be right in your analysis of the facts. You are doing market research and surveys for the purpose of selling a product or service. Do you need all this information to know how to sell your product? Or do you just need to know what will get traffic, leads and sales?  

We are not taking a census or a vote. We are taking stock of what we have and what is going to work.

Use overwhelming market research (TMI) at the risk of thinking you have valuable, useful information when frankly, you do not. Make sure your marketing is effective by getting the information you need to make a sale.