Marketing Strategy: (definition)

A successful Marketing Strategy allows an organization to concentrate its resources on the most fruitful potential opportunities to increase traffic, leads and sales within the budget. It is based on secure, accurate market research and surveys so substantial growth of the company can be achieved. A marketing strategy gives a competitive advantage and puts the steps in place to maintain long-term growth. – T.E. Pelton, Owner Expect Success Media, Research and Survey Specialist.

Before you can devise a marketing plan your overall company strategy must be very clear. What is the purpose of your company? What are your goals? What do you hope to achieve within the next six months, a year, five years or even a decade?

You would be surprised to discover many companies, no matter how large, have not developed or written down a clear, long-term strategy.

No matter the size of your company, this principle applies. Even if you have worked out your purpose in the past, it still needs to be revisited and clearly stated.

A competent survey or marketing professional will develop the marketing leg of your overall strategy. So be very clear about company goals and purposes. It makes all the difference between making millions in traffic, leads and sales, or losing the potential income of your business.

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