Let me ask you – just how much have animals inspired you?  

I suggest we find the inspiration to green our brand strategies and to develop our brands – from animals.  Not just in our logos and our symbols – but for real in every aspect of our branding activity. Animals have always been a source of inspiration for human beings.  There is no reason to be disconnected from our feathered fellows because we are doing our human marketing strategies (which are really just our own ways of showing off, no matter how you view it).  In fact, if we listened the animals would teach us a thing or two.

If you have ever seen an eagle or an osprey or a hawk, then you have seen majesty. Animals bring into our lives a sense of awe, wonder and most importantly, balance.

The animal is connected to a higher power. The animal exists in a completely separate universe than the one where we are listening with our chattering minds.

We have so much to learn from animals.

If you've ever noticed, animals don't have greed. They may have lust for sex, thievery if they are in need, and killing if they are hungry. They may even hoard. But they don't have greed…not as we know it in humankind.

It seems that animals are keenly aware that they are living in a delicate and balanced ecosystem.

Many animals live in great abundance. Deer, for example, have an abundance of food in the forest where they live. Coyote–well, there are enough rabbits to feed the coyote for a very long time. It seems there is no lack of food, there is only total abundance for animals who live in the wild.

Animals have a great deal to teach us. Think about animals next time you buy something. Think about whether or not the creation and production and packaging of that item exists within the ecosystem of our planet and if the Bear, Elk or White Hawk would approve of your marketing strategy.

You can expect success, abundance and achieve the balanced way of life you desire.